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We GUARANTEE the BEST PRICE for Wine Tour Packages & Vineyard Tours on Long Island with Wine Tastings Included:

NYC Wine Tour Silver Package - NYC Wine Tours
  • Silver Wine Tour Package (7-25 people)
  • ONLY $95/Person

Our SILVER Wine Tour Package is great for smaller trips. This is the best value if you are looking to keep it inexpensive while you enjoy tasting Long Island’s finest wines at the best vineyards!

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NYC Wine Tour Gold Package - NYC Wine Tours
  • Gold Wine Tour Package (26-35 people)
  • ONLY $90/Person

Our GOLD Wine Tour Package is a Party Bus and also offers good value if you have a larger trip and are looking to keep it inexpensive while still enjoying the opportunity to sample some delicious wines from Long Island’s finest vineyards and wineries!

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NYC Wine Tour Platinum Package - NYC Wine Tours
  • Platinum Wine Tour Package (36-56 people)
  • ONLY $85/Person

Our PLATINUM Wine Tour Package Charter Bus is perfect for larger groups. We will pick you up in a customized luxury Coach Bus with comfortable interior, lavatory, bluetooth technology, storage space and more

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The Best Wine Tour Packages in NYC

All NYC Wine Tours are secured with a major credit card. When making a Reservation you must have a credit card on file even if you are paying cash. In the event of missing or additional passengers at pick up the total amount specified both verbal and contractual to be collected must be made in full.

Please browse through our website to learn more about our other NYC Wine Tour Packages like Silver, Gold, Platinum and view the wonderful list of the Long Island Vineyards in the East End. There is simply nothing like our wine tours in Long Island. For more information on our Wine Tour Packages, or to make Reservations or Contact Us, please call NYC Wine Tours today. Call us at 212-748-8853

For more information on our Winery Tour Packages, or to make Reservations, please call NYC Wine Tours today.

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